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 Submit Your Character Applications Here

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Heracles Karpusi


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PostSubject: Re: Submit Your Character Applications Here   Wed Oct 16, 2013 5:20 pm

Nation of Choice: Greece

Human Alias: Heracles Karpusi

OC, 2P, or Nyotalia?: N/A

Allies/Friends: Egypt, Cyprus, Japan... and gata... gata are so cute and fluffy...

Enemies/Rivals: Turkey... that old man does nothing but stink up whatever room he's in... not to mention that Northern Cyprus...

Siblings/Family: I guess you could say Cyprus and I are like siblings what with the both of us being raised by my mother, Ancient Greece.

Roleplay Example: ((cutting this one short~))
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Lukas Bondevik

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PostSubject: Re: Submit Your Character Applications Here   Wed Oct 16, 2013 6:31 pm

Approved! Welcome to the site, Greece!
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PostSubject: Re: Submit Your Character Applications Here   Fri Nov 01, 2013 9:25 pm

Nation of Choice: Arab Republic of Egypt

Human Alias: Gupta Muhammad Hassan

OC, 2P, or Nyotalia?: N/A


Greece – He and Greece has been friends since BC times and finds his company comforting. They also share a love of cats. He’s one of the few people he feels comfortable speaking with
Turkey – Being a part of the Ottoman Empire kind of forced their acquaintance but Gupta cannot say it was a bad thing. He finds Turkey amusing and honestly enjoys his company, even if the Turk can be a loud mouth.

England - Even though England took over his land many years ago during that whole “British Empire” thing, Gupta still keeps in touch with him. He and the Englishman share an interest in excavating the Valley of the Kings and often join archaeologists while they are on tours in his land.

France – He supposes France is a friend, though they don’t speak much unless during parties and in meeting Halls. However, they have had a comfortable friend relationship.

Japan – Gupta is fascinated by Japan and only has met him a few times through Turkey and Greece. However, he’s meek and is sort of too shy to speak with him. Not that he doesn't want to of course!

Enemies/Rivals: Egypt is somewhat disdainful of America and the stereotype his people have adapted to his own quite irks him. However, they aren't enemies per say, he's just not his favorite person in the world.

Siblings/Family: Ancient Egypt – Mother

Liked Pairings: TurkeyxEgypt, GreecexEgypt. I also enjoy AmericaxEgypt and EgyptxJapan.
Unrelated to this character: FrUk, RoChu, LietPol

Disliked Pairings: N/A I’m pretty open to pairings.

Personality: Gupta is a silent character, mysterious in his own nature. However, he is very family oriented and loves children and animals. He is more of the “read the atmosphere” type person and is usually a pleasant man to be around. However, when something does anger him, he will speak up, though he doesn't yell often.

He is very meek on his English so he chooses not to use words if he doesn't have to, resorting to pointing or a simple look to convey feelings unless he fells the absolute need to be lingual, or if he likes you… Or you talk about Ancient History.

Roleplay Example: The heat around the desert lingers around in an unbearable fashion. Most of the citizens decide to stay within doors; however Gupta is on a mission today. Today is the dreadful day his long-time friend had been laid to rest, and here he was, trekking through the Valley of the Kings to pay his respects. Donning white robes and a keffiyeh around his head, he almost blends with the porcine sand around him. Over the sand dunes and through the valleys, it does a number on one’s feet clad in only sandals.

And then he is there, just in front of the emasculate door that towers over with intricate hieroglyphics. Pushing open the huge door with all of his might, he is back in the place of his childhood slumber.

"It's been too long," He whispers to himself, his voice as smooth as the slight breeze that enters along with him, but hold a dark, mysterious tone as always. He sweeps through the tomb before he takes to his knees by the casket, decorated with precision in gold leaf and gems. He places a hand on the side of the casket. "Has it not been my friend?"

Times may have changed but yet he sticks to old traditions of running down here to pay his respects to the boy he once grew with. Had he not been a nation, this would be half as painful, not having to go centuries knowing a fallen friend will never rise again. Though it is comforting knowing he is safe in the afterlife and not struggling through such a crazy world as Gupta is now. He can only pray as he takes into this next century that the Western nations would accept him as easily as Tutankhamen once did. Oh how he prayed for it.

Oh Great Gods and Goddesses, allow him the strength to show he is strong, powerful, yet that he can be trusted, can be a friend.

And grant him prosperity and help him to flourish in the friendship of new nations he will soon meet.
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Alisia Arabian

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PostSubject: Re: Submit Your Character Applications Here   Fri Nov 01, 2013 9:28 pm

Application approved! Welcome, Egypt!
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Natalia Arlovskaya


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PostSubject: Re: Submit Your Character Applications Here   Thu Nov 07, 2013 1:47 am

Nation of Choice:The Republic of Belarus // Рэспубліка Беларусь
Human Alias: Natalia Arlovskaya
OC, 2P, or Nyotalia?: N/A

Allies/Friends: America (sort of adopted family?? ish), Lithuania, Poland

Enemies/Rivals: doesn’t really… have any, actually… [woaah!!]

Siblings/Family: Russia (older brother), Ukraine (older sister), General Winter (that big granddaddy uncle that won’t go away)

Liked Pairings: NorBela, AmeBela, DenBela (sshhhh fanart is very convincing), BelgBela, Beliech (it sounds like an onomatopoeia for vomit ahahaha), EngBela, ScotBela (again, fanart),

Disliked Pairings: don’t make me laugh son

Personality: Natalia’s most notable feature would be her intimidating presence and vulgar tone, despite her cute face. She is also known to be very… passionate for those whom she loves most, which seems to highlight her frightening demeanor. Although in recent days, she has calmed down quite a bit, but she’s still a bit brash and hard-headed. She has very cold attitude towards most, and also appears to be a bit pessimistic. She has interest in occult and the natural world, and takes part in various relevant hobbies such as photography (specifically haunted things) and hiking. In addition she’s a fantastic acrobat. She’s prone to spacing out as well.

Brief History: psh no I’m not doing extra work who do you think I am

Roleplay Example: (( haha zombie apocalypse au because how do originality. Also sorry I'm really rusty I haven't tried writting anything half-decent a forever goodness. ))

“If you think, even for a moment, that I’m just going to sit my ass down and wait for help then you’re horribly wrong.” Natalia hissed through her teeth, glaring down that the younger stranger.

“If you go now, then you’re not going to stand a chance. You’ll be torn to shreds out the-“

“I wouldn’t stand a chance waiting here in this filthy house! Our ‘help’ is probably being torn limb from limb themselves out there!” The blonde retorted, and quickly spun towards the door.

The stranger reached out and pulled back on the collar of her tattered shirt. "And what exactly do you expect to find out there? What makes you think you could last by yourself out there?"

'It's because I'm a country' she thought, but she couldn't just openly say that. Even to a man standing in his grave. "My family's out there," she said instead, in a more easy tone, " and as long as I know they're still breathing, I can keep on going."

He spat out a chuckle. "How cliché! Seriously now?"

She only gave him a cold glare, and ran out the door, ignoring his surprised yelps and warnings. She stepped out onto the thin layer of frost covering the ground. The cold air bit whatever skin, but she remain unfazed. Worse weather has yet to come. The area around her had not yet been tainted with a disasterous scene of mutilated bodies and blood splatterings all over the ground. It wouldn't be long until that changes, for certain.

With nothing but a pistol hidden beside her thigh, a dagger clenched tightly between her gloved fingers, and the clothes on her back, she chose to venture out on her own. Not even a morsel of food packed for later - she had no time to even think to gather food while she still could, it happened too quickly. Even with what she had now, she could barely hold off a few zombies. Who knows what would happen if she encountered a herd?

No matter. Her mind was set. "Brother. Sister. I can only hope you're safe now."

Last edited by Natalia Arlovskaya on Sat Nov 16, 2013 2:29 pm; edited 3 times in total
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Alisia Arabian

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PostSubject: Re: Submit Your Character Applications Here   Thu Nov 07, 2013 3:52 am

Well done! Welcome, Belarus!
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Carlos Escobar


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PostSubject: Re: Submit Your Character Applications Here   Thu Nov 14, 2013 11:34 pm

Nation of Choice: Colombia

Human Allias: Carlos Fernandez Escobar

OC, 2P, Nyotalia?: Original Character.

America: The United States and Colombia have had there negatives with the issue of the Panama Canal but since then they have managed to stay Allies with one another and help eachother out in times of need.

Panama: Panama is the youngest of Colombia's siblings as well as the one he manages to get along with the most.After Panama declared independence from Colombia, they were bother able to work things out, Carlos fully realizing Panama's independence with the exception that he is granted rights to the Canal Zone along with indemnity of the U.S.

Mexico: Mexico and Colombia are close Allies as well as friends. Both contries have developed trade and political Union with oneanother, even as to Mexico granting free trade btween them. The two are able to relate in history as well given the fact both were once under the care of Spain and were Seat of Power to one of the four Spanish viceroyalties.


Nicaragua: Nicaragua and Colombia have never managed to get along. It seems that since their conflict between the Sam Andres y Providencia Islands and the Maritime boundries did not end on good terms, both countries might not settle their differences any time soon.


Venezuela: Along with the declarence of independence from Venezuela came the fall of La Gran Colombia. This emded their relationship on somewhat of a sibling rivalry. Carlos as attempted to try and fix their relationship but his efforts have failed.

Ecuador: Like Venezuela, both brothers seem to have issues in relation  to the fall of La Gran Colombia since both him and Venezuela became independent in the same year.

Liked Pairings: To be Added

Dislikes Pairings: To be Added.

Personality:Carlos may be described as a hardworking and inviting person. Although at first glance his rough looking exterior seems otherwise, in reality he is charming polite and optomistic. Carlos always tried to help others when he can and never seems to visit anyone empty handed as is custom in his country.

A man of his word, when he says amything, he always pulls through and never goes back on anything he has promised or told. His words are always honest, sometimes even to the point where he might not even realize if he has offended or angered someone with his brutal honesty, which has of course turned on him a couple of times in the past.

Carlos finds the most joy in music, dancing and his cafe, all three of which are practically a daily part of his life. All in all, he is just a man who wishes to live life to the fullest in whatever way he possibly can. Even though he tries to live a carefree life, of course that can not be the case all the time. The Cartel in his country have taught him how to fend for himself, teaching him all he knows when it comes to weapons and violence. His history with the cartel mostly shows when those he cares about are threatned or in danger. Carlos does not care to hesitate before quickly and accuratly targetting and dealing with the problem.

History: In 1819, Colombia gained independence from Spain along with Venezuela, Ecuador and panama. Together the four formed La Gran Colombia, a short lived union. In 1830, Venezuela and Ecuador bothe declared independence, leaving what was now left to be names "The Republic of New Granada,"

From the 19th century up into the early 20th century, political uneasines began to rise. Two parties, the conservatives and the liberals came from this unrest. In 1899, Civil War broke out amongst the two parties, leaving 100.000 dead. The conservatives were victorious.

Under the precidency of Mosquera, a treaty was made between the U.S and Colombia which granted the U.S permission to access the Isthmus od Panama. A few years later, Colombian Congress denied America the ability to finish the Panama Canal. This later then led to th Panama declaring independence, which by using the help of the U.S, was achieved in 1903. In 1944, Colombia finally recognized Panama's independence in exchange for access to the Canal and payments of indemnity from America.

During WWII, Colombia fought along side the allies.

Recently, the war against Colombian Cartels is a constant issue.

Roleplay sample:
It was a splendid day to be outside.

From thw window in the kitchen, eyes the color of warm chocolate observed this, the tan skinned man in which they belonged to reaching an unequivocal desicion. Lunch was to be taken outside today.

In one hand was a brightly colored plate, a traditional dish of patacon de pollo y pina steaming from it's porecelain surface. In his other hand, a small little cup of freshly brewed cafe filled the air with the strong smell of rich coffee beans which caused the Colombian man to inhale longer than necessary.

In only a few moments, Carlos had made his way upstairs and outside to his rooms balcony, a small area with a ltable for two. He took his seat on a wooden chair facing the beautiful scene before him. A pond the color of crisp crystal blue was dead in the center, surrounded by a small iron fence that was bordered with beautiful Cattleya flowers of all colors. Large trees heavy with ripe fruits bordered off his backyard from the rest of the world.

He reached to the small old radio that was placed dead center of the mahogony table, turning it on to play festive symphonies of his peoples music. He nodded to himself and raised the cup up to his simling lips. leaning back and simply just enjoying this peaceful Sunday off.
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Alisia Arabian

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PostSubject: Re: Submit Your Character Applications Here   Fri Nov 15, 2013 1:00 am

Application approved! Welcome, Colombia!
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PostSubject: Re: Submit Your Character Applications Here   

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Submit Your Character Applications Here
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