Celebrating Thai Constitution Day [Dec 10]
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Lukas Bondevik
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Form For Application [DO NOT POST APPLICATIONS HERE] Empty
PostSubject: Form For Application [DO NOT POST APPLICATIONS HERE]   Form For Application [DO NOT POST APPLICATIONS HERE] I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 05, 2013 7:48 pm

(( This will be the application for joining. We have this so we can know more about the character you roleplay (especially with OCs and 2Ps). DO NOT POST YOUR APPLICATION HERE.

Nation of Choice: [country name]

Human Alias: [human name. if character is canon and you are unaware of the human name, ask an admin. if OC and you do not have a human name yet, write 'Currently N/A']

OC, 2P, or Nyotalia?: [if applies to your character, state which of the three. If character is more than one, type all that apply. If none, type N/A]

Character Appearance: [Required if OC. Suggested if 2P. Both Pictures and written descriptions are acceptable]

Allies/Friends: [does this character have any of note? jot them down, and if you'd like, an explanation of why]

Enemies/Rivals: [same as above]

Siblings/Family: [some characters can be portrayed as family to others. does yours have any?]

Liked Pairings: [for your character, and others in general, if you'd like]

Disliked Pairings: [same as above]

Personality: [required if OC or 2P. not required for canon characters, but still strongly recommended. we want to see how you portray their character]

Brief History: [not required, but if you'd like to share any bits of this character's history, feel free]

Roleplay Example: [here give us a brief example of your style of roleplay. don't be shy, write whatever you'd like, but maintain an appropriate theme in this application]

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