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 Gakuen Hetalia Character Backtories

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Lukas Bondevik
Lukas Bondevik

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PostSubject: Gakuen Hetalia Character Backtories   Mon Nov 25, 2013 11:14 pm

Plenty of us have ideas for what happened before the events in Gakuen Hetalia took place, and this is the place to explain them and maybe even get more ideas and add more to your backstories. Have fun with the feels inducing posts!
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Natalia Arlovskaya

Natalia Arlovskaya

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PostSubject: Re: Gakuen Hetalia Character Backtories   Mon Nov 25, 2013 11:20 pm

Natalia was born right into this hell hole of a family pretty quickly. Her only source of love really came from her elder siblings, of course. Natalia probably wouldn't have been born into the world and just get aborted if the father wasn't so keen on having is own blood be spawned into the world. So here's this unwanted child laying around, and all of a sudden dad realizes that mom's a bitch and decides to leave her. Daddy does his best to rightfully win custody over Natalia, and lead her into a good life style, but alas , he fails. Now he has to pay child support, which ends up going to alcohol and cigarettes rather than some decent food for the kiddies. Natalia started to grow up as a very bright and optimistic child, and might have stayed that way if mommy didn't have to yell at her for every small flaw she commits. Surely she gets plenty support and comfort from big brother and sister, but it's not very convincing when you have to see them verbally and physically abused by the very people who cause the source of your own abuse, and then watch them crawl up into their bed and cry themselves to sleep every night.  So, growing up horribly treated, with minimal positive stiumlation as a wee one, she's not exactly positive around her peers. She can't bring herself to interact with her peers and make friends, and practically shuts them away. What if they'll tease her for making a mistake? What if they're cruel and relentless just like mommy and granddaddy? She didn't want anything like that, and would confine herself within the comfort of the only trustworthy people in the world: Ivan and Yekaterina. She grows way too attached to them, and maaaybe grows some romantic affection for big brother somewhere. Even if it's not romantic, she looks up to him greatly, moreso than Yekaterina even though she's way more motherly. Because of this she also tries to mirror his opinions and beliefs, despite what her independent mind conjures up for her. years pass and mother and grandfather are still horrible guardians. Even more so than before since the children had grown some and should apparently be able to fend for themselves. Oh God. And when they reach the ages 16 and 18. Totally own your own. Get your own job. Buy your own food. be grateful that I'm giving you a roof over your ungrateful heads. Having dealt with this abuse all her life, Natalia doesn't ever bring it up with anyone. She doesn't feel inclined to. She doesn't even bother to retaliate her mother or grandfather when they decide whenever's a good time to vent on them. Just accept it. Everything will be better once they can leave, right? Right?

(( I just copied and pasted what I said in the chatbox omf. I'll fine tune and break this up later.
Also need confirmation with Roxii on certain parts. Lady if u see this and have any problems,come yell at me. ))

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Francoise Bonnefoy

Francoise Bonnefoy

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PostSubject: Re: Gakuen Hetalia Character Backtories   Mon Nov 25, 2013 11:26 pm

So our little Franny grew up with her mom and dad. her dad is a doctor so he's not always there but he is when he can be. She's an only child, grew up playing sports and all. She grew up with Gilbert and Antonio, becoming best friends with them.When she was seven her mother was diagnosed with cancer and died when she was 11. She fell into a slight depression for a year but covered it up. She is still effected by it and her dad is always there but she still misses her mom so she strives to do the best in sports and school. She doesn't want anyone to bear her burdens for her so she never tells anyone about her mom unless they are her closet friends.
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Abigael Cheyne

Abigael Cheyne

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PostSubject: Re: Gakuen Hetalia Character Backtories   Mon Nov 25, 2013 11:37 pm

So basically, Abby here first grew up with a lovely mother and father. At the age of six, her father died in a violent car crash on a ice cold day. She watched as her dearest mother spiraled downward into depression and alcohol, and just a few months after the crash she was dropped off at a local orphanage with no explanation. Obviously this confused poor Abigael, but she had to deal with it.

Eventually she was adopted by a rather well off couple at the age of eleven. Adopted for no reason other than that it would make that 'loving couple' seem benevolent. Why, adopting a poor orphan was simply a generous thing to do. Now this couple happened to be the parents of one Lukas Bondevik. Now in a normal household, perhaps he would have adapted to having a sister rather easily, but with his parents rarely around, save for the holidays, and him basically raising his brother, he really didn't want to have to look after another child.

After only a year of being in this household, and only seeing her adoptive parents a grand total of five times, she was kicked out by a fed up and frustrated Lukas. She wandered the streets for a week or so, finding no one kind enough to take her in, until a very kind Irish boy, only a little older than her, decided to bring her home. This led to her being taken in by the Kirkland family. Probably the happiest she'd been in a while.

Basically shit ended up okay for once.
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PostSubject: Re: Gakuen Hetalia Character Backtories   

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Gakuen Hetalia Character Backtories
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