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PostSubject: Rules [READ ME BEFORE JOINING]   Rules [READ ME BEFORE JOINING] I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 05, 2013 8:35 pm

Please Read Before Registering

1. Be respectful towards others at all times, whether they be admin or not.

  • Our admins shall follow a "Three Strike" rule, meaning that if you are reported having rude behavior, or have broken one of these rules three times, you will be banned for a set period of time. The more offenses, the longer the ban sentence.

2. To register for a character, please use the proper application form found here

  • When joining you may still use the character’s name you plan to applied for, but you are not permitted to roleplay them until your application has been approved.

3. Your username must be the name of your character (whether Country name or Human name).

  • If your character is an OC, you do not necessarily need a human name, but keep in mind some RPs will be in AUs (Alternate Universes) where nations are being played as normal humans. If you do not have a human name for your OC, it would be wise to devise one, though it is not necessary.

4. If you are inactive for a month, without warning, your account will be deleted.

  • To avoid this, please provide us a reason for your absence prior to leaving in the hiatus thread.

5. 2P’s and OC’s, and Nyotalia is all acceptable.

  • Nyotalia will be kept under a separate “Taken Characters” list. For example: if someone claims the canon, or male version of America, the Nyotalia, or female version of America is still up for grabs. The same applies to 2P versions of characters.

6. You are allowed to change characters after registering. Simply submit an application in the proper forum, but please make sure the character you are wanting to change to is available.

  • Applications for character change can be found here.

  • Every time you change  a character you must submit a character application form. Forms must be approved by an admin before proceeding.

7. Everyone is allowed two characters. First come first serve.

  • You must submit one application for each character you wish to roleplay. This means two applications total.

  • If you decide at any point and time to change your character, you must submit a new application for this character. Your previous application will be revoked.

  • If you abandon a character for a new one, and wish to change back at any point, you may as long as that character is still available.  No whining if someone else snagged your previous character.

  • To keep your characters organized, make two separate accounts on this website. One for each character.

8. Mature themes are allowed.

  • A ‘Mature Forums’ section is available for any roleplay that applies. Keep mature themes in this thread.

  • We will allow mature themes in the chatbox, if and only if everyone currently in the chatbox is acceptable with you doing so. You must ask before conducting any sort of mature roleplay. If someone enters the chatbox that is not okay with a mature roleplay, you must cease and desist and continue elsewhere.

If a rule is broken, report this to an admin immediately via PM. Three ‘strikes’ are allowed before an admin enacts a punishment. These could vary between a few-week ban or a permanent ban, depending on the rules broken and the situation.

If any of these rules are confusing, PM or ask an admin for assistance. Admins are free and willing to help at any time for anything you may need, simply ask!

Armenia (Alisia Arabian)
Norway (Lukas Bondevik)
Scotland (Iain Kirkland)
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