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 Goodbye letter

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Francoise Bonnefoy

Francoise Bonnefoy

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PostSubject: Goodbye letter   Goodbye letter I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 04, 2013 10:52 pm

Why. Why are you doing this? Why are you messing around with my feelings? Yours are already clear enough. I can’t do this anymore, Arthur. Desole, mon cher, but as of right now you are nothing to me. I do not wish to be in a loveless relationship with a man who cares nothing of me. When you find this, my ring will be enclosed, even though I have not worn it in months. Also, I will be gone by the time you arrive home. I wouldn't call it a home anymore though, there is no more love in it. A part of me is happy that I am leaving this marriage and alliance. We were never meant to be and were too different to work. I must admit thought that the other part of me is saddened to leave for I will miss our arguments and the heated make up sex. Since, I am stating my feelings, I must tell the truth. You were never as good as you were during the pirate age and were never as good as your older frere. Please don’t worry I will be fine, considering I am with Iain, Oui mon cher, your frere and my ex. We have been meeting for two months but my feelings for him returned a long time ago. I never truly got over him. I assure you though that he will treat me better than you have and don’t break your back trying to earn my forgiveness. I have known for a year that you are with my sister, Madeline, and have been for what I suspect has been longer than a year. I also regret to inform you that your reputation is ruined, considerable. By now you are most likely angry, for once I do not care and am actually quite proud, a lot prouder than I have been, that I made you angry. With this, I conclude this letter. Oh and before I forgot. I have one more request. Let this go easily, my bosses will be there in a week to sign the end of this with your ever, beloved queen.
Francine Bonnefoy
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Goodbye letter
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