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 An Idiot's Detour

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PostSubject: An Idiot's Detour   An Idiot's Detour I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 22, 2013 6:05 am

It had been his idea, and it had shocked her to no end.

He actually wanted to take her on a road trip. Just the two of them. No bars or pubs, no other women to go and hit on...just...the two of them He wanted to spend time with her.

Alisia had responded so ecstatically that Iain couldn't help but beam with pride. She packed so quickly, humming to herself, and he knew he'd made the right decision. Her chocolate eyes beamed so bright as she stood at the door with everything they'd need, almost impatient for once in her life.

"Ye ready lass?" he asked with bags slung over his shoulder. She nodded enthusiastically. "Let's go!"


They loaded up their car, Iain speeding off to Alisia did not know exactly where, but he mentioned camping. It really would just be them. He'd loved how happy he'd made her with just the simple suggestion. She could be so easy to please. In light of the mood he cranked up to radio, both grinning as ACDC blasted through the speakers.

It was the perfect road-trip song.

"I'm on a hiiiiiighway to heeeeeeell!" They sang together, missing tones and lyrics and just laughing at each-other with good nature. She couldn't stop giggling and he couldn't stop smiling at her. It was as if they'd left all tensions behind with them on the road.

He stared at her. But for too long. In the midst of their playful singing, he didn't notice swerving a bit to the right, or the pole that they crashed into until it was too late.


Their car lay in shambles, crushed up against a lamp pole, wheels still spinning.

It was Alisia who woke first, blinking open her eyes. "I..Iain?" In realization of what just happend, panic flooded her. "Iain! Iai-" "Calm down lass."

The Scot raised his head, a bit of blood dribbling from a cut on his brow. He wrinkled his nose. Other than a few cuts, and bruises, they were both alright, and incredibly lucky.

The car, not so much.

Alisia groaned, leaning against the dashboard in defeat. "Now what...we're in the middle of nowhere!" It's true. Nothing but forest around them, and they were stranded. Iain didn't look as upset as he should have.

"We coul' just....stay in the car, ge' naked-" "IAIN."

Alisia threw her door open, staring out in disbelief. "What are we going to do? There's nothing around for miles..."

He smirked, leaning against the car like he was posing as a cover model. She blinked at him.

"Welcome tae the campin' spot."

"...........You can't be serious."

She knew he was the master of improv but this was ridiculous.
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An Idiot's Detour
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