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 Winter Nights

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PostSubject: Winter Nights   Winter Nights I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 22, 2013 5:23 am

Strong arms locked around a slim waist, warm breath on her soft neck. It was cold this evening in deep winter, and even though she would never admit it, she'd freeze without him. She always got cold so easily.

The wind was light but still chilled the bone this night. The chill brought the smallest tingle of merriment though. Soon it would be Christmas. And it would be their first Christmas together.

And the first with their child.

Speaking of...Emerald eyes opened as soft wails could be heard from the next room over. He felt her shift in his arms, groaning softly. Her eyes batted open, showing exhausted, yet beautiful pools of jade green. She was met with a smirking face, as per usual, and sighed at him. "I'll get him..."

He watched her sit up wordlessly. Her back was hunched and her chestnut hair in a ruckus. Down from its usual braid, and straying this way and that. She looked utterly exhausted.

Somehow he still found her beautiful.

"'Ey, lass." She felt that warm hand on her shoulder, his large body shifting behind her. He didn't know how she did it, but she always coaxed him to be so...strangely soothing. She mellowed his personality right out. He stroked her shoulder gently, placing soft kisses on her neck. She didn't stiffen like she used to, but he could still catch the faintest trails of pink on her cheeks. He smirked. That wasn't from the cold.

"Aye, Iain? Kyden isn't goin' te quiet himself." She shifted to remove herself from his grasp, but his hold tightened. She sighed, in that lightly aggravated way she would do. He chuckled at her expression. "I'm aware lass." "Then why are ye-" He hushed her with his lips. He kissed her slowly, drawing every bit of cold from her full rosy lips. Color came back to them in seconds.

"Lay down, aye? Yer feckin' exhausted." His voice was laced with concern, something he showed only to her. It would shock anyone else. Then again, she allowed him to see emotions she did to no-one else. It was as if their relationship was a sharing of secrets, of unearthed desires to want to be loved.

He stretched, making his way for the room next door. Their wailing, brown-haired baby reached for his daddy. Iain smiled softly at the child. "Hush there wee lad. Daddy's go' ye." The baby soon quieted in his daddy's arms, being warmed quite quickly. Iain rocked him as he took him back to his parents' room, where she watched the two with soft eyes.

And a smile. She would only smile for him and the baby.

He couldn't help but lean down and kiss her lips softly as she did. Her smiles were so rare, and showed she was truly happy. So he had to savor them.

But even in his arms the baby started crying again. He huffed, making a face. "Wha'? Daddy nae good enough fer ya?"

A soft chuckle came from the woman, and he raised a brow at her. "Wha'? Wha's funny?"

"He's hungry Iain." She gathered the baby in her arms.

A flicker of realization showed in those emerald eyes, and he gave a chuckle that made both his wife and child stare at him in suspicion.

"Can I watch?"



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Winter Nights
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