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 Until the End of the World

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Until the End of the World Empty
PostSubject: Until the End of the World   Until the End of the World I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 22, 2013 5:19 am

They had begun the evacuations shortly after it had happened. Beginning with those closest to shores, ships, cruisers and planes had come to take the wealthiest to safety. Those who weren't wealthy...had to struggle.

They fought for the road spaces even as they were cracked apart. They raced for planes and ships they had not paid for, perhaps even just to let their children live. Even in the time of the world's end, humans could be cold-hearted and cruel.

But there were some that had no children. And there were some that had excepted their fate.

One stepped outside, brown eyes watching as people screamed and fled. No, the danger had not reached them yet, but anytime the floods would come and wash them away. She breathed in slowly, sighing softly.

They knew they could not escape. Many people rushed to escape for the sheer fact that they were not finished in life. They had people to tell them that they loved them, things to finish, goals to obtain...

But these two were content.

She felt an arm encircle her shoulders, looking up at him. He was smiling, like he always did, but much more sober than ever. He also knew what was about to happen to them.

Once the plates of the earth had shifted, it created a tidal wave bigger than any ever seen. And the entire United States was being flooded or broken apart.

They were in Boston. Too close to the ocean. They both knew they had no chance.

They stared into each-other's eyes, knowing this was where they would meet their end. They had spent the entire day together, doing everything they could possibly desire. Blowing all of their money they had, just for these precious few moments...

He smiled softly at her, swiping his thumb under her eye. She was crying again, and hadn't realized. "I'm here Alisia, it's okay." She trembled, leaning her body against his.

She still didn't want to die. She wanted to live on with him. To grow old and have children...

"Alfred...I'm scared." Her trembling became worse, and he gently kissed the top of her head. 'I know..I am too." He stroked her tenderly. "Your hero's right here. I'm not going anywhere.'

Alfred had a dim look in his eyes. He had tried to call his friend, Arthur...but the British isles were one of the first places to be swallowed by the sea. Not being able to say goodbye had had such an impact on him. He had gotten some ease though, his younger brother was lucky enough to be on one of the ships. He would live. Originally, the seat had been Alfred's, but he would not let his brother die, and he would not leave Alisia. He'd taken his place.

Alisia had been luckier. Before the waves took him, she'd called her brother in Greece. Their last moments on the phone together, and Alisia was bawling, Alfred holding her as she said goodbye the last time.

He kissed her forehead. 'I love you." he whispered gently. A fresh wave of tears came from the words. "I l-love you more..."

Then they heard it. The crashing sound of waves in the distance, the deafening silence of realization that morphed into the loudest screams.

He held her closer, and she trembled in fear at the sight of their death. "No, Alisia. Look at me." He tilted her head. She look so frightened.... "Just look at me.'

And she did. The screams were soon quieted by the crashing waves. As death came closer, she stared into his eyes.

"Don't let go." she whispered shakily, clutching onto him. "P-promise you won't let go..."

He pressed their foreheads together, kissing her gently until the waves were upon them.

"I promise."
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Until the End of the World
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