Celebrating Thai Constitution Day [Dec 10]
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PostSubject: Scandelous   Scandelous I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 22, 2013 5:10 am

"I-Iain....n-not that rou-AAAH!" She clawed at the wall in-front of her, panting heavily as sweat ran down her bare back.

She heard him tsk and grunt behind her. "It's nae ma fault. Ye wanted tae do this in the first place."

She turned her head, looking past her brown locks. "Well...y-yeah...b-but no-UH AAH!"

"Geez....do ye have tae scream tha' loud? It cannae hur' tha' bad..."

"B-but it do-AHAA!" She threw her head back, biting at her lip. "Good god...is it supposed to feel like that?"

"How am I supposed tae know? ....Maybe switchin' positions would calm ya down.... Wanna try i'?"

She shook her head. "N-no...I can do this....one more time..."

Somewhere, walking by that door, a certain Frenchman dropped his wine as another scream erupted from the Armenian's throat.
He pressed his ear against the door, grinning that French grin as he threw it open.

"OHNHONHON! You two are finally doing ze deed! What a grand day zhis iz! We can cele-....................................What iz zhat."

The Scot blinked. "A corset. She said she needed tae ge' used tae one. Donnae ask me why."

"......Right. A corset. Of course."
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