Celebrating Thai Constitution Day [Dec 10]
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PostSubject: Surprises.   Surprises. I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 20, 2013 3:48 pm

(( I continue to regret absolutely nothing ))

Matthias walked down the street with his friend, Lukas, grinning and joking around with him. When his phone had rung he slipped it out of his jacket pocket, looking at the screen to see that his friend Gilbert had texted him. He was planning on going to the bar later on that day with Antonio and was inviting him to come along. A punch in the arm from Lukas had brought a mischievous grin to Matthias’ face as he retaliated with a slight shove that caused the blonde to stumble off the sidewalk.

Before Lukas could even react he was thrown off his feet by a speeding car. The sudden, harsh shout that was forced out of his throat made Matthias jump, his head snapping up to see his friend thrown across the street, looking much like a ragdoll. It took him a moment to comprehend what had just happened. By the time he did, Lukas was lying motionlessly on the pavement and the car had sped off.

A feeling of dread dug its way into the pit of Matthias' stomach as he called for his friend, panic bleeding into his voice. Even from across the street he could see the sorry state his friend was in. He quickly made it over to him, stopping a few inches away from him. A sight he had never thought he would ever have to see greeted him as he got close enough to see the full extent of his injures. His leg wasn't only broken, the bone had cut through his skin, letting blood freely pour onto the pavement. Blood had also started seeping out of a wound on his head, staining the pavement with the warm liquid.

Upon seeing the sight, Matthias knew he had to call the paramedics. After calling them he knelt down next to Lukas, carefully picking him up to move him off the road. He sat on the sidewalk, cradling the blonde's head, afraid that if he set his head down on the sidewalk, he'd only injure the man further. Within minutes he could hear the sirens in the distance, quickly approaching.

When the paramedics arrived, they quickly got to work on putting Lukas on a stretcher and putting him in the ambulance. Matthias made the request to ride with them, as it would take far too long for his liking to go home and get his car to drive to the hospital all the way across town. Thankfully, they obliged, instructing him to sit silently and not touch anything.

Once they arrived at the hospital, Matthias was quickly separated from his injured friend, as he was directed to sit in the lobby. At first he tried sitting down, expecting to be let in quickly, but as minutes turned into hours, he had started to pace around. No news of Lukas came until late into the night. He was still very much alive, and was able to have visitors.

The Danish man almost ran down the hallways, ecstatic to finally see his friend. When he arrived at the room, he had to stop himself from barging into the room. He pounded on the door loud enough that the whole hospital would be able to hear him. A muffled voice came from inside the room, cursing at him for being so loud, then welcoming him in.

A wave of relief came over him when he saw his friend lying in the bed, alive and awake. He silently took a seat by his bed, looking over the blonde to see what injuries he had sustained. His leg was covered in a cast and there were bandages wrapped around his head, but those were only the surface issues. Matthias couldn't see his internal injures, which were much worse than Lukas would ever let on.

Sure, Lukas looked alive and as well as someone who had just been hit by a car could be, but with all the internal injuries he had sustained, they expected the bleeding to kill him. Lukas wouldn't tell Matthias that though. He didn't want to do that. He couldn't do that.

Matthias was silent for a moment before speaking in a soft voice that almost seemed as if it belonged to someone else. "So, when do you think you're getting out of here?"

"They said soon. Very soon." Even in his weakened state he still kept his voice void of emotions, keeping a constant monotone. Even if he felt pain, he wasn't going to show any of it.

"Oh... well, that's great then!" A bright grin flashed onto his face, but faltered when Lukas was overcome with a series of violent coughs. He tried to brush it off as something normal, but it just didn't seem right.

After the coughing fit had subsided, Lukas held out his hand toward Matthias. "Give me your hand." He very simply demanded this, as if it were the most normal thing. Matthias tried to find reasoning behind this, but only found the same stoic look and an extended hand. With a questioning expression and plenty of questions swirling around in his mind, the Dane willingly grasped Lukas' hand.

After a short pause Lukas sighed a little. "I'm going to rest for a little while. I think I'll be able to leave afterwards." He rolled onto his side, facing Matthias. Before he had shut his eyes, he mumbled four words, almost incomprehensible. "I love you, idiot."

Those words had surprised Matthias almost as much as the flatline that came only minutes later did.
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