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 Gakuen Hetalia - High School AU

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Lukas Bondevik

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PostSubject: Re: Gakuen Hetalia - High School AU    Sun Nov 03, 2013 1:01 am

Lukas stared silently as the Prussian teen burst out into a fit of laughter, continuing to chuckle for a few minutes. His random laughter confused the teen, causing a slight look of confusion to come across his features.

"No, I've seen people crazier than you." He paused to listen to the rest of what he had to say, leaning forward a little.

"Forgive me?"

That statement confused him. Didn't he already apologize? Besides, there was nothing to forgive him for. He wasn't the one that got him into this situation, nor had he done anything wrong. Actually, he had tried to help, which is a lot more than most people would have done.

"There's nothing to forgive you for. You tried to help me, after all."
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Aidan MacCarthy


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PostSubject: Re: Gakuen Hetalia - High School AU    Wed Nov 06, 2013 2:35 am

The game was exciting; riveting. Perhaps more-so for a certain Irishman for a few key reasons. One, A friend of his was playing, and playing well, and two, like his younger brother he was a sports-lover in general. There was no way he could hide it as he stood, chanted and cheered along with the rest of the raving crowd. Every sport was quite revered in this school, for it harbored an abundance of students with a passion for what they did. And of course, a passion for winning.

Aidan was grinning with nearly-childish satisfaction once the game ended, quite happy with the results and the impending happiness of his French friend. It was her senior year, he knew, and it was more than a dream for her to succeed in this final match. And she had. Aidan was more than proud, he was ecstatic. He turned to Abigael with his boyish grin, ruffing her hair and putting an arm around her shoulder. "Wasn't tha' amazin'? I love these games!"

In mere minutes the star of the night approached the pair, Aidan meeting her with a happy grin. "Ye di' fantastic Franny! It's a well-deserved win." Aidan, in his slightly-oblivious nature, missed the steely stares and forced grins that were exchanged between the two women. Perhaps it was all the excitement running through his veins.

"Aidan, figure I migh' as well tell ye who I was talking about earlier."

The statement caught him off-guard, and he turned to Abigael with raised brows. "So soon? I though' ye were adamant abou-" He was cut off with a 'mmph!' as warm, soft lips smashed against his own.

He didn't understand. He didn't know if he could. Abigael..she was never the type to make a move like this. But, what was truly troubling, and made a knot twist in his gut, was the question of why.

But he already knew the answer and it was as if he'd been slapped by his own hand. He was the boy she had crushed on! The pieces began to fit together, but still, he was incredibly stunned she felt this way about him at-all. What would make him special?

As she stepped away, Aidan was left with shocked eyes, lips slightly parted. His hands had frozen in the position they were in, as if the kiss had turned him to stone.

"I-I think it's best I go now."

He could hear the tremble in that French accent, stuttering for words but none came, captured on his tongue. The girl ran off in tears, and he was even more baffled. Did...did Francoise like him too?

What was going on?

Slowly, Aidan regained control of his limbs, but his eyes were still brimmed with confusion and shock as they descended upon Abigael. "Abby..." he whispered, a faint red evident on his own cheeks, which made his freckles darker and pronounced.

"Why...did ye do tha'?"

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Abigael Cheyne


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PostSubject: Re: Gakuen Hetalia - High School AU    Sat Nov 09, 2013 1:59 am

A deep red coated Abigael's cheeks, and when Francoise ran away, tears filling her eyes, a wave of guilt hit her. That was her fault. She wanted to apologize and try and fix this. Pretend like she hadn't done that. Like she hadn't potentially ruined two friendships. But there wasn't much she could do about it, other than live with the consequences of what she considered to be reckless decisions.

When Aidan finally spoke up, she looked down at the wooden flooring of the gymnasium, unable to look at the Irishman directly. "Why...did ye do tha'?" That was a question that was too difficult to answer with words. Now that she looked back on what she had done, it seemed like a hopelessly stupid decision, done in a moment of jealousy. She didn't want to admit that though. She settled with mumbling "I donnae know." She paused for a moment before adding "Sorry."

She was silent for another moment before turning to sprint out of the gym, escaping into the labyrinth of hallways. As she pushed past students that were leaving the volleyball game she heard shouts of annoyance, but no one bothered to stop her. By the time she did begin to slow down, she had been far away from the gymnasium, now on the other side of the building. Slowing to a walk, she wandered around the hallways, eventually creeping into the theatre to hide out for a few hours.
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Gilbert Beilschmidt


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PostSubject: Re: Gakuen Hetalia - High School AU    Fri Nov 15, 2013 3:52 pm

Gilbert sat there with a raised brow and hopeless smirk plastered across his face. The other looked terribly confused, and the albino couldn't blame him. He'd probably be confused if someone had waltzed into his hospital room after trying to help protect him from a serious beating, and kissed him, then started laughing like an idiot, too.

However, he hesitated and his brow narrowed slightly when the other bluntly stated that, no, he'd met people crazier than Gilbert. What kind of people did this kid hang around anyway? Someone crazier than him? Pfft. Yeah, right.

Although, a bit of reassurance surged through him and he sat up, chuckling softly as he closed his eyes, running a hand through his hair to brush it backwards, "I did a pretty sucky job at it, huh?" He said, looking to him apologetically and offering an awkward half-smile, "Besides, you probably would have done the same thing for me if you were in my shoes. It's no big deal."
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Alisia Arabian

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PostSubject: Re: Gakuen Hetalia - High School AU    Mon Nov 18, 2013 8:20 pm

Thursday has ended. It is now Friday.

Tonight is the Rugby Game! Make sure to go out and support your fellow gingers.

It is currently lunch period.
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Gilbert Beilschmidt


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PostSubject: Re: Gakuen Hetalia - High School AU    Tue Nov 19, 2013 3:35 pm

Gilbert and Lukas talked for Gods-know-how-long. He eventually had to be ordered by the Norwegian's doctor to leave, due to the fact that visitors were no longer allowed at such a late hour. However, the albino enjoyed the time spent. Lukas and him had discussed various matters. Politics -where their views seemed very similar except Gilbert appeared to be much more active in his causes-, video games -where Lukas seemed to be much more avidly involved in than Gilbert-, cars -where Gilbert seemed to be much more avidly involved in than Lukas-, and just simple conversation. 

The albino learned that the Norwegian's favorite color was a bluish teal, and that he enjoyed older movies like "The Breakfast Club" and "To Kill a Mockingbird", while his tastes in music were much more modern and involved bands such as 'Imagine Dragons' and 'Muse'. Their tastes in music found to be extremely dissimilar, for Gilbert found more comfort in bands such as 'Rob Zombie' and 'Five Finger Death Punch'. He refused to listen to anything lighter than 'My Chemical Romance' except for the single exception of 'The Beetles'. Then again, a lot of their tastes were dissimilar. The albino enjoyed the color red, and favored movies such as 'The Beaver' and 'V for Vendetta' over older classics. 

However, Gilbert couldn't help but feel like Lukas and him held a lot in common. They both believed in equality and equal rights for all human beings. They both favored men over women. They were both flamingoes in a flock of pigeons, both in their own right. Maybe it was this that made Gilbert feel like he could be so open to him. 

Maybe it was this that caused Gilbert to fall for Lukas.

However, as the bell rang in gym, Gilbert groaned. The coach had forgotten to dismiss them early to change before the bell rang, which meant that the albino would be late for meeting up with the Norwegian before lunch. Gilbert had promised Lukas that he'd meet up with him before lunch just to make sure Ivan wouldn't get any more funny ideas to try and mess with him before the blonde was fully recovered. So, as he jogged into the locker room, he quickly pulled off his gym clothes with a few joking wolf whistles from his teammates before showcasing to them his middle finger before pulling on a pair of dark grey tattered jeans and fastening his belt, moving to slip on his boots after discarding his tennis shoes. 

Although, the elongated laces of his combat boots had left a shirtless Gilbert struggling with his boots in a nearly empty locker room. Normally, the albino would have to worry about going shirtless amongst anyone, but he had bandaged his arms the night before to conceal his scars from any wandering gazes, and they earned no questions due to his being a member of the fútbol team, which normally earned his arms multiple bruises and scrapes.

However, these thoughts were dismissed from his mind as the lunch bell rang, signaling that he was at least five minutes late. Cursing to himself silently, he finished lacing up his second boot and stood to put on a shirt.
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Carlos Escobar


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PostSubject: Re: Gakuen Hetalia - High School AU    Wed Nov 20, 2013 12:46 am

It's Friday, the perfect day to be the new student in school!

Upon arriving at the office, Carlos greeted the young teen sat at the front with a warm smile, his hands holding onto the counter as he leaned forward. "Excuse me amiga, could you tell me who I need to talk to about my schedule. I'm new here." The girl blinked and nodded slowly, her expression blank. She kept her eyes on his face, her hand searching for the phone idly. Carlos arched an eyebrow, looking down as she accidentally knocked over the phone from it's place, her cheeks flushing as she quickly looked down. She brought the phone up to her ear, looking to him and then back down as she waited for an answer.

After that, an older woman had greeted and welcomed him, her smile seeming a tad forced to the Colombian man. She had handed him a schedule along with a basic drawn out map of the school. "This is the only option you have available?" He looked up to her, his brow furrowed in confusion. "That is the one everyone gets sir." She sighed, walking back into her office without another word. "Huh..."

Heads turned in his direction as he walked, an expression of confusion on his face as eyes the color of warm chocolate scanned over the schedule held tightly in his grip. The man seemed perplexed beyond means, as if he was incapable of comprehending a single word that was in front of him.

After a bit of wandering, he finally stopped in front of his classroom, entering with a bright smile. He greeted the teacher and took a seat towards the back of the class.

All of his other classes went like this until lunch, where he choose an empty table to sit at.

(( Crappy post is crappy I need to put effort >o< ))

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Francoise Bonnefoy


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PostSubject: Re: Gakuen Hetalia - High School AU    Wed Nov 20, 2013 5:08 pm

After a two hour run she headed back home, her father wasn’t there but he had texted her before the game and told her he was on duty. She sighed as she walked in, tired from everything. At least she didn’t have to do any homework. Francoise felt better, only a little and she now dreaded tomorrow. A sigh escaped her lips as she walked into her home, her French bulldog, Jacque, greeting her.
“Bonjour Jacque” she smiled, sitting her stuff down and petting him before going back to lock the door. He barked at her and ran into the kitchen. A laugh escaped her lips as she followed him. “You’re ‘ungry non?” she asked walking to the fridge and getting out some food for him and then left over pasta from the night before for her. He jumped and barked as she did.
“Give me a moment” she laughed with a small smile. A minute or two later she sat his food down and slid hers into the microwave.

She finished eating, checking her phone and smiling at the message she received from her father before going up stairs, taking a shower and slipping under the covers of her king size bed. She frowned as she remembered what tomorrow was besides the rugby game. The date of her mother’s death.
She woke up at six-thirty, taking a shower, doing her hair into a bun and her make-up. She slipped on sweats and a long sleeve school shirt, supporting the rugby team. She sighed, fed Jacque and herself before heading out to her car with ten minutes to spare before she had to be at school. She went through her morning classes normally, unlike herself and only smiling once or twice. Everything seemed to be crashing down on her. She didn’t talk to her friends and it was only a greeting when she did and thanking others for the congratulations she received for the win. She was thankful when lunch came around. She felt relieved when no one bothered her. She waved slightly at Iain and Gilbert and a couple of others before walking to the library with her sketch book and left over pasta in hand. She slightly hoped it would be a quiet lunch hour and no one would bother her but then again she hoped someone would come find her.
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PostSubject: Re: Gakuen Hetalia - High School AU    

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Gakuen Hetalia - High School AU
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